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Your Move with a Montreal-Based Moving Company

Our trucks are parked near the intersection between the 25 and the 40 in Montreal.

This way we can be sure that we will arrive at your house quickly for your move.

We will only charge you 30 minutes to get to your point of departure in Montreal, and another 30 minutes for returning to our parking lot. See this page for details on low-season rates.

Do you live in Montreal, or are you moving to Montreal? Call us at (514) 788-2013 for your move to or from Montreal, or request a quote online. We work for you 7 days a week.

Do you need to buy moving boxes?

Please call us at (514) 788-2013 to reserve your moving boxes.

We will then give you a time frame for you to come pick them up at our office.

Did you call the city hall in your area?

In Montreal, parking regulations for moving trucks vary from one borough (or city) to another.

To not take chances, if you wish to reserve a parking space for your move, we suggest that you do so at one of the customer service desks at Réseau Accès-Montréal.

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